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An indecisive person who is in love with the world of art. A little bit of me and you would be nice.

Painting major, Fakultas Seni Rupa dan Desain, Institut Teknologi Bandung.


Sungyeol's Ice Bucket Challenge →

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we should start shipping vixx’s taekwoon and exo’s d.o. and call it taekwondo

Imagine all the people they will kill


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Ink, colored in Photoshop

If Infinite were super heroes…

Based on the story Infinite Force by katingatrouble. I was reading Umbrella Academy yesterday when the idea came to me. I’ve been itching to do a super hero comic version of Infinite or any artwork with Infinite has super powers. 

Each member were born with super human abilities (with the exception of Sungyeol) and eventually met each other under the supervision (and mentoring) of a person they haven’t met before named Eric (somehow I’m assuming it’s Eric from Shinhwa haha). 

Sunggyu has the power to control people with his words, that’s why I made him wear this contraption that synchronises the use of his brain, voice, and monitor his beating heart to better control his powerDongwoo can influence and even control other people’s emotion. The glove he’s wearing helps control the flow of emotion that he’s sending to his target. Woohyun is a shape shifter, he can change his appearance into anyone he wants. Hoya has super human strength and the things on his arms help him control the amount of power he uses. Sungyeol doesn’t have super powers, unlike the other six, but he’s an amazing support for the whole team and a really caring brother towards Myungsoo. Myungsoo can read minds and can also invade other’s mind. He communicate through telepathy since he is unable to speak. Sungjong can make himself invisible. 

Excuse my crappy colouring because I can’t colour with photoshop even if my life depends on it. This is my attempt on trying a super hero comic style~ 

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RUKI of the GazettE has launched an organic cosmetics brand called「VITAL MATERIAL」.

RUKI who has expressed interested in cosmetics has started this cosmetics brand which combines music, ART and organic.

The 1st COLLECTION consists of hand cream, hand gel, hand soap, Eau de Toilette and reed diffusers. Orders are being accepted at the website However, as stated in the website, no international orders available.

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just dropping by to say that yay, i’m also a horror movies lover; hope to see more horror from you in the future! ouo
oho! yay~ It will definitely be one of the many things that I reblog ^^
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pencilmirageからの質問: ((I'm sorry, I didn't mean to "start a revolution", you post whatever you want, it's your blog!! I apologize))


It’s okay really! I understand not a lot of people are into horror movies. I don’t have a lot of friends who I can ask to watch it with me either, so I kinda understand when people don’t want to see things like that in their dash. 

That’s why I also warn people with my previous answer that I will definitely post horror related things in the future. ^^

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