refraineditの発言:: Gurl~ your art work is hella amaaaaaazzzzzzziiingg! Dayyum! I wish I inherit your creative juices! Looking at your art pieces gives me a lot of motivation to get back on track with creating art. It's been a long time since I come up with any art pieces, You're my inspiration! Thank you for being creatively awesome & appear on my dash! I'll be looking forward to more of your art work! Toodles!

*glomps* Thank you~! I feel like I don’t have any juice in me right now, so I have to make my own. haha. All these are all from practice, seriously, there are no magical genie from a bottle that granted wishes for me to be like this, or no genetic alterations happened also. So you can be amazing also! *thumbs up*

I’m very happy that I can be an inspiration and that my artwork gave you such motivation. And you’re welcome. Ah~ I wanna appear everywhere then ^^ 

Have a nice day~

Did my sleepy 4 AM eyes deceived me or was there supposed to be an orchestra playing in the Back MV?

infinitelyrainbowの発言:: hi, can you give me the HD picture of your profile picture? I love that one ♥

I’m sorry, I actually don’t have an HD picture of that one, since my laptop crashed (literally to the ground) at the beginning of the year. I haven’t been able to scan it again since then.

That was a fantastic review. It’s nice to see such an in depth point of view. Thanks!
Thank you so much also, deadleewang! I feel like I have to voice my opinion on this one since I feel like Infinite is a very potential group of artist and I find that the fact that they have a distinct style of their own. Also the fact that there’s already a part about the video that I already discussed, I just wanted to do the whole thing for the fun of it.

KIM SUNGGYU: Remember This Name
Ink, Copic markers, Uni Posca marker, ZIG Clear Color Brush, Copic Opaque White on paper

I couldn’t help myself! Thug Gyu is asking for more exposure. 

My eyes were burning making that kicking Gyu, I forgot which line belong to which, so I just go with my intuitions and just draw. Because I seriously love that specific movement from Sunggyu; it shows his toughness.

This is one of Sunggyu’s persona that is known from his title as Infinite’s leader: he is a person who takes high pride towards himself, and also takes pride towards Infinite.

87mmerの発言:: Your art style is beyond perfect! It's totally an inspiration to me.

waa, thank you very very much! I’m happy to know that I could be an inspiration to you in some way. *hugs*


WARNING: Might not be fitting for light hearted Inspirits (emphasising on MIGHT), some parts might seem like it doesn’t make sense and… KINDA LONG POST AHEAD!

Okay, so this is my insight on INFINITE's new song and music video, 'BACK' or 'Be Back' (I don’t know which one, Woollim please make up your mind). This is based on the observation I made while watching it after I woke up at 3.30 AM. Please keep in mind that my consciousness haven’t revived fully yet at that time, so my first impression of the video might be too honest and a bit… blatant for your taste.

In this review I won’t be biased to anything (except for Sunggyu’s arms and other parts of his body). So I’ll try my best to write these objectively based on the mind of a person who just woke up from their sleep.





I’ve just seen Infinite’s Be Back teaser and their new image blew my mind away. Seriously, I couldn’t even stop squealing and it’s already midnight here (I hope my parents weren’t up to hear me crying out the fact that Sunggyu shaved his head/sides of his head). 

But what actually intrigued me was the mural on Hoya’s part. When it was Hoya’s turn to get his share of the lime light, I couldn’t help but notice the symbols that were painted on the wall behind him instead. It was oddly familiar to me. Then it hit me, those ‘symbols’ look similar to the work of LA-based street artist, RETNA. His graffiti work consists of symbols that derives from Blackletter, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Arabic, and Hebrew calligraphies (watch him at work here).

Now, I’m not assuming that the mural behind Hoya IS a work from street artist Retna, but they both do have several similarities. Form-wise, I find several symbols similar to what Retna usually makes, but with slight alteration. Composition-wise, the mural behind Hoya has been arranged too distant, where as Retna’s usual composition are by arranging the symbols close together to fill its work space and has a feeling of fullness to it. The more reason to believe that the mural behind Hoya is not really Retna’s work. 

I’ve been a fan of the said artist’s work, since I’ve never seen such unique way of using scripts in a work before. So, when I saw the teaser, I was surprised to find something like this. Bringing this issue aside, this new song they’re bringing is definitely making me wanting for more. They’re trying on a completely different concept from Last Romeo and truthfully, I kinda anticipate this one a little bit more (maybe because they’re not wearing lacy curtains anymore). 

Any way, that’s just a short (not so smart) analysis from me. I love Retna and I definitely love Infinite, so this wasn’t me trying to point out mistakes or anything. But I would love to listen to your opinion on this. If any of you out there are familiar with Retna, what do you think about this?

Oh! Now that I’ve had my sleep and a little bit more sober (though it’s still 5:00 AM), I noticed something that differs the two murals again. 

The fact that the mural behind Hoya was created with a spray paint (not 100% sure though) is also what makes it different from Retna’s. Based on how the paint glisten, it shows traces of spray paint usage (or just a really rough usage of paint). If you look closely at the symbols, the edges are a little bit rounded also a little bit faded, and you can see the the body is a bit wobbly too. Where as Retna’s works are usually made using paint brushes and diluted paint to maintain straight clean lines. This can be seen clearly on the circles and the diamonds. You can clearly see that Retna’s circles are clean and almost perfectly round and that the diamond’s edges are pointy enough to assume that it is indeed made using brush. On the other hand, like I’ve stated before, the diamonds in the other mural are a little bit too rounded on the edges to be made by a one stroke brush.

Again, this has been a (not so smart) artsy fartsy analysis on Infinite’s Be Back teaser from a not so sober artsy fartsy art student. 

I really wanna see Kpop x artsy fartsy artist collaboration again in the future. It’s really interesting to know these kinda stuff and fun too. 

Interview with Retna.

In case there’s any room for misinterpretation: I don’t believe Retna actually worked on “Back.” At this point my speculation is that the video-making team wanted graffiti in the background but didn’t want to risk anything that could be read and interpreted (hence the use of Cyrillic in the background during the rooftop dance) and went looking for examples of less-evidently-legible graffiti art. (Contrast to the deliberate use of legible writing in “Without You.”)

(Or I’m way off, and somewhere in Korea is a group of cranky Serbian taggers.)

(And: yay for interesting analysis and bringing new knowledge sources to the table!)

Waa, thank you for adding your opinion towards my simple observation and making things more clear. I also don’t think that it’s any work of Retna since visual-wise it already has a lot of differences; just somewhat inspired by his calligraphies.

I was just a little bit surprised, with all the possibility of graffiti out there, it happened to be Retna’s, one of the street artist that I love. 

a sum up of bts american hustle life 1st teaser. ‘-‘

Now this is real!

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에이~ 왜 이래!?